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Thomas Waite, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

CEO of Roth Learning – an education technology company revolutionizing a multi-billion-dollar industry. Thomas is an expert in building company infrastructures and scaling operations, and built solutions that grew an early adopter of online technology from $1.5M to $900M in annual revenue. Pioneering the application of transactional distance as a key differentiator, Thomas created the Integrated Model for Student Retention, which reduces the gap between online students and learning to deliver substantial performance gains for universities.

Although Thomas earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, he admits his clarity on how to impact student outcomes was gained over the past decade as he immersed himself in roles such as Provost, Dean and Director of Faculty and Programs at various higher education institutions around the country.


Career Highlights & Selected Achievements

  • Contributed to online learning software that generated tens of millions in revenue for an early adopter of online education, setting the stage to capture hundreds of millions in long-term future revenue over the next decade.
  • Revolutionized the education technology industry, pioneering analytics to drive innovation for online learning software, processes, and methodologies.
  • Conceptualized and drove a comprehensive retention initiative that reduced attrition from 14% to 6.7% within five months, exceeding objectives established in the college’s 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year strategic plans.
  • First to apply transactional distance to online learning, measuring course-to-course student performance based on a methodology that encompasses instructional design, educational effectiveness, and holistic systems.
  • Led a successful turnaround of a major online college, orchestrating a restructuring event that included 54% turnover in the first six months.