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Sam Yaghoubi

Operations Leader

Sam Yaghoubi is the Chief Operating Officer at Roth Learning.  In this role, he is responsible for providing the leadership, management and the vision necessary to ensure that Roth Learning has the proper controls, procedures and people systems in place in order to achieve operational effectiveness and excellence.  Sam has been working closely with the Roth Learning founders for several years and has spent the past 16+ years in Higher Education working with companies such as Apollo Education Group, Education Management Corporation and Zenith Education Group.
Sam began his Higher Ed. career by gaining a deep understanding of student needs and the decision making process.  He has continued to keep client needs at the forefront throughout his career while connecting departments, streamlining processes and forging relationships that deliver measureable improvements and results.


Career Highlights

  • Led the successful expansion of a traditional university to an online format, which grew to over 20,000 students driven by an admissions staff of 600+ representatives.
  • Designed the operational framework and executed on the successful merger of a brick and mortar program with an existing online student population.
  • Focused on improving outcomes through cutting edge technology, process integration and metrics driven accountability.
  • Launched a successful shared accountability for student services/faculty partnership for focus on at-risk students and deliver retention gains.