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Dr. Robert Ridel

Dr. Ridel possesses a business and educational background that spans over three decades – and epitomizes a commitment to excellence and accomplishment. He is a renowned management consultant, award winning teacher, and published author (“Critical Thinking in Everyday Life”). Robert’s degrees (psychology and sociology), including his Ph.D., were earned through the University of California system.

Robert is the President of RWR Consulting, Inc. – a management consulting firm he founded in 1995. He also served in several educational positions, including dean of retention, dean of academics, department chair, and as a teacher at various universities across the United States and overseas in Europe and Asia. In addition, Robert was associated with the National Institutes of Health (Research Fellow – Laboratory of Brain Evolution and Behavior) and the United Nations (Field Observer – Africa).

Although he has occupied various positions in his professional life, Dr. Ridel’s primary interests continue to be focused on management consulting and higher education; specifically, helping companies become more productive and profitable, as well as assisting students when it comes to landing suitable positions and managing their careers. As a management consultant, Robert concentrates his attention on several areas, some of which include the following:

• Strategic Marketing
• Sales Training
• Performance Improvement
• Project Management
• Decision-Making & Problem Solving
• Leadership & Communication
• Customer Experience
• Change Management
• Organizational Behavior

As an educator — Robert concentrates his attention on improving student retention by focusing on structural factors related to the overall student experience (rather than individual characteristics). Please refer to the following video: http://www.toolwirestudios.com/retention