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Joshua Magdziarz

Analytics Leader

A business intelligence leader with 14 years in the higher education space, Josh’s experience allows him to  deliver actionable insights that influence data-driven decisions. He has defined and analyzed KPIs across the enterprise for measuring success, effectiveness, and efficiencies.
Josh understands how to leverage data as an asset,  delivering impactful analyses that  have influenced both student and university outcomes. He excels in building business intelligence implementations including data visualizations, reporting solutions, analytical frameworks, data models, and data governance. As an educator, he spent eight years facilitating courses in critical and creative thinking.


Career Highlights

  • Designed an organizational model to reduce overhead by over $1M annually while increasing efficiencies
  • Planned and delivered analytical and reporting database framework to align with a data warehouse consuming multiple petabytes of data
  • Developed multiple retention and persistence models to analyze student behaviors and predict outcomes with significant measurable accuracy
  • Supported data governance implementation growth from business language to enterprise metric definitions
  • Created key metrics leveraged externally with industry analysts and internally with key stakeholders to monitor business processes