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Dr. Edward Johnson

President, University Growth Solutions, LLC and also President of University Realty Advisors, LLC

Dr. Johnson is the former President of Sterling College (KS), Everest University Phoenix (AZ) and Everest University Online (FL/MN) and former Executive Director of the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education.

He is the creator of new national programs in law, science and technology; minority student achievement; private sector college savings programs, social entrepreneurship, servant leadership, customer experience management and small business growth.

Voluntary service beyond his organization has been a hallmark of Dr. Johnson’s career. He currently serves on the boards of Sias International University Foundation (China’s largest private university), the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific, Second Nature (board chair, coordinator of 700 colleges and universities moving to carbon neutrality), Prescott College (AZ), Gainey Business Bank (In Process), and G-REIT Liquidation Trust.