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Brian Hickie

Finance and Technology Leader

As a change leader with years of experience in business, information technology, and education, Brian’s career has centered around quantitative analysis within finance/accounting, operations, information systems and, most recently, higher education. His experience, coupled with his focus on quantitative analysis, enables him to look at any challenge from a truly holistic perspective and provide solutions.

Over the past five years, Brian has delivered analytic solutions and analyses that provide clarity into which student attributes & behaviors, as well as actions taken by a university, lead to improved student persistence, retention, and outcomes.  Brian is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), State of California, active status and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), active status.


Career Highlights

  • Created business plans and developed financial models for revenue, expense and capital spend to seek investment for multiple startup companies.
  • Led the implementation of one of the largest, most comprehensive, and successful SAP business intelligence solutions in the world for a Fortune 15 company which, coupled with the concurrent SAP ERP implementation, delivered billions of dollars of working capital improvements to the company.
  • Defined and implemented a key performance measure model for one of the largest online universities in the United States.
  • Led the creation of a predictive student attribute & behavior model to assist the same university in tailoring its enrollment processes, curriculum development, and faculty engagement to improve student retention and improve financial budgeting and forecasting models.
  • Delivered a multi-phase data center co-location migration and ERP hardware upgrade as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a Fortune 500 company to improve resiliency and availability of critical IT systems and applications.
  • Co-developed, trained, sold, and delivered an ERP applications audit and controls consulting methodology for one of the largest international accounting and auditing firms in the world.