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Education EcoSystem

Cloud-based, dependable, simple, integrated, configurable, and mobile.

Faculty Management System

Automates faculty scheduling and contracting, maintains the credentialing database, manages faculty performance data, and flows data to HR systems.

Student Information System

Holistic and student-centric, with robust Application Program Interfaces and data standards. Provides instant student access on the path to graduation.

Learning Management System

Fully mobile, with easy navigation, synchronous student engagement, faculty-driven tools, and seamless integration with 3rd party systems.

A comprehensive solution with integrated modules that support higher education business processes.

A solution that not only holds the document scan and metadata, but also provides document tracking, file completion and electronic signature functions, all delivered simply and transparently.


The hub of all activity where all data points, actionable items, messaging and access are consolidated. This becomes the central access point for students and staff.

Student Scheduling and Enrollment

Including self-registration with automation and course recommendations, taking student preferences, modality and other factors into account to optimize schedules, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Articulation Management

To maintain and track articulation agreements, which can be automatically applied against a student record, eliminating manual errors.

Intake System/CRM

A self-guided process that leads students through the application process at the beginning of the student life cycle and also creates a digital student profile that will continue in the other modules.

Calendar/Task List

For all events that provides a student with the resources to stay on time and on task. Fully integrated with the user’s phone calendar through our mobile application.

Student Finance

A simple and intuitive student and staff-facing module that provides a clear understanding of costs, benefits, and the status of finances at any time.

Billing and Payment

Providing a real-time view of student accounts, while also providing payment options that integrate with multiple vendors. Users gain a clear understanding of all charges not covered by student loans, scholarships, and grants.

Clinical Scheduling

A self-service, end-to-end workflow solution that takes the pressure off of the institution and gives the student visibility into each step.

Social Collaboration

Harnesses social media – Facebook, LinkedIn – with API integrations to use the power of existing systems in a more organized and structured way, putting control in the hands of the user.

Data Warehouse and Reporting

An interface that walks users step-by-step through the report creation process. For user flexibility, reports can be generated in multiple formats (pdf, csv, xlsx) and can be viewed in a easy-to-use dashboard.

Alumni Services & Job Placement

Optimizing the user experience by harnessing existing job placement systems through API integrations and proving the necessary steps and guidance for obtaining employment.